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Computer Services & IT Support
Company for Dallas-Fort Worth

We are your company's IT department

AVAREN has the necessary systems in place to function as an extension of your company. AVAREN is computer network support services & IT consulting for Dallas and Fort Worth Texas.

We manage all the routine details for you

Veterans of big business and government; AVAREN has the experience needed to provide reliable business systems.

We bundle the services your company needs

No longer worry about details like choosing a particular spam filter, backup, or other system. The same systems we use (daily) to manage our own business are deployed for your business as well; ensuring ultra-smooth operations.

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    More about AVAREN

    Are you tired of dealing with IT concerns in your business? AVAREN is your answer.

    What we do?

    AVAREN manages all the Microsoft and related computing systems your business needs to function. From internal or cloud servers, mail system and spam filter, to your internal desktop or remote users; we handle all of these concerns for the business owner so that he or she can spend much less time on them.

    Alternately AVAREN can supplement your existing in-house staff, providing them with robust management tools to help proactively direct your computing environment. AVAREN provides computer network & IT support/consulting/repair services for small businesses in Dallas & Fort Worth.

    Why choose us?

    We have been doing this for decades

    Our founders are fortunate to have experienced DOS and the early days of Windows, so when it comes to managing Microsoft systems there is little they haven’t already done. Far from ‘new kids on the block’, managing networks and computing systems for businesses is all we have done for 20+ years.

    Superior, mature processes

    Having learned our art in large corporate and governmental entities, employing a comparable level of regimented process for small business clients is a relative ‘snap’.

    Clients appreciate an established partner they can trust longterm

    We work for the same clients every month, year after year. Typically after winning a new client, we will work with them for as many as 10 or more years. Quality over quantity. Very long-term relationships are our standard.

    AVAREN Advanced Care

    Our Advanced Care package bundles most everything a small business needs from their IT department.

    Complete IT Management

    Managing your firm’s internal and cloud infrastructure on an ongoing basis; allows managers to focus on other things.

    24/7 Helpdesk

    Could your firm’s employees benefit from a knowledgeable 24/7 help-desk? Get them the assistance they need, when they need it.

    Automated Backup

    Cloud or in-house infrastructure, AVAREN can implement the latest backup and archival technologies to keep your firm protected.

    Network Security

    Monitoring and security packages for gateways, servers, and endpoints; a multi-layered approach provides the best end result.

    Proactive Practices

    Having managed hundreds of networks for companies large and small; AVAREN has mature repeatable processes to keep your business protected.

    Automated Maintenance

    AVAREN uses the latest in automated service technologies; minimizing the amount of human labor required to support your infrastructure.

    Frequently asked questions

    If you don’t see the answer to your questions here, please call us (214-379-4200) or fill out the contact form above. We will get back with you immediately. AVAREN provides the small businesses of Dallas and Fort Worth with computer network & IT support/consulting/repair services.

    Can you provide free evaluations?

    Yes, we would be delighted. Call us (214-379-4200) to discuss your situation and we will do our best to assist you. After calling, we may need to send our people on-site to inspect your current systems and network. After fully determining your needs, we can prepare a more complete estimate for you.

    What is your service area?

    Generally we service Dallas, Ft. Worth, Mid-Cities and surrounding area. Our office is near DFW airport .

    Do you provide on-site service?

    Absolutely. Because AVAREN becomes your IT department, we will spend as much as time as needed on-site at your facility.

    Can you provide ‘residential’ service?

    Only for our business clients.

    We bundle everything needed to serve as your IT Department

    Our clients needn’t worry about details like which anti-virus, backup software, or firewall to implement. For foundational functions like these, we implement the same systems everywhere which drastically reduces implementation burden and learning curve for your staff and ours.

    AVAREN is a Dallas-Fort Worth IT management company made up of veteran computer consultants offering unmatched IT support for Microsoft Server®, and client networks.

    Call 214-379-4200 to talk to an experienced network analyst. We can help your business with computer services, network security, server configuration, device management and monitoring, backup plans, and more within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. AVAREN provides computer IT support services & network consulting to the businesses of Dallas & Fort Worth.

    Some of our technology partners

    Our technology partners know the value of systems designed to enhance security and reduce support costs

    We Support:  HP, Dell, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Server, StorageCraft, Calyptix, and more.

    AVAREN is Computer Network Repair & IT Support Consulting Services for Dallas Fort Worth


    Veterans of big business and government; AVAREN has the
    experience needed to provide reliable business systems.