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A Note to M&A Firms – Please Read


Part of our job at AVAREN is to shield our clients (and ourselves) from the distraction of spam and other unsolicited communication. We take this job seriously. We strongly discourage unsolicited contact from M&A firms. If you must contact us, we ask that you do so only through US Postal Mail. Contact outside of these terms will likely result in your email domain, phone numbers, or other information being reported to various spam filtering concerns, or otherwise making it onto telephone and other block lists.


Contact from M&A firms is Discouraged.




 Most M&A Firms Now Being Blocked.

We are compelled to begin blocking M&A firms that engage in sending unsolicited email. M&A firms (especially those outside our region) that send e-mail to AVAREN staff (or into the ‘honeypot’), will have their URLs added to a global (all customer) block list.


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