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Manufacturers have been sending out emails warning us to advise clients to plan their PC and laptop purchases in advance.

Few models of PCs and laptops are available currently, and those that are available are priced higher than normal. Shipping delays are also commonplace.

In some cases we have had to get creative, buying used and refurbished machines. These too are more expensive than normal.

Those buying on websites like Amazon and New Egg should be aware that many of the “approved” third party vendors on these sites employ unscrupulous practices; selling older models as new, selling refurb as new, not delivering product to 1 out of 5 (or 10) customers, etc. Those buying at sites like these are advised to use the filter options to exclude third party vendors. Another example of a site where one must be careful is the Google Shopping tool. There are countless unscrupulous vendors within that tool. The most common thing we see there are vendors selling illegal software for unbelievably low prices. Of course the license keys often stop working shortly after purchase.

If you believe you will require new PCs or laptops soon, it may make sense to purchase ahead of time. If you require our help with vendors or purchasing, please let us know.




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