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I observed a style of unsolicited “look-a-like” invoice today that I had not seen before. This company attempts to spook those who have registered a new business entity (with the state) into purchasing labor law related compliance materials. There is an element of urgency included (typical) in that they are telling the reader to respond by a certain date. While not technically an invoice (scam), there is no telling how many of these letters are simply paid by unsuspecting accounting staff.


We see a lot of different types of fake invoices; the majority of which are related to unnecessary domain registrations. An example of this would be where your company uses a .com but a firm will invoice you for the .net, .co, etc. Although these are the most common type, we commonly see fake invoices for a bevy of other products and services. Other examples of these can be found in AVAREN’s blog. If you have not already, be sure that your accounting department’s staff is aware of these types of unscrupulous solicitations.



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