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The invoice below was sent in by a client for verification. Although it looks very much like like an invoice; if one reads the fine print it becomes clear that it is actually a solicitation for a website listing on a relatively obscure internet directory. The internet directory in question appears to be operated by the same group that mailed the invoiced.

If one goes to the URL for the internet directory (https://domainlistings.directory), one can find lists of people in one’s own town that seemingly unwittingly sent in payment for this un-needed service. In my case I looked up Arlington, a fairly large city. The directory only had 3 restaurant listings within all of Arlington. This then begs the questions, who is looking at this directory, and why does it cost $228 for an annual listing? The answers to these questions seem obvious.

This mailed-in invoice is thus for an over-priced service that apparently few people utilize. It is likely to have little to no bearing on one’s Google results for example.

Be on the lookout for these and other “invoices” for unnecessary services and either send them to us for verification or put them in the shredder. Should our (AVAREN’s) customers ever have doubts about any technology related invoice; they are free to call us, or proactively forward these invoices to AVAREN for further examination.



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