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A interesting phony email made it past the spam filter today. This one portended to be a waiting voicemail message. As you can see in the image below, all one supposedly needs to do to listen to voicemail is to click on the included link.


Of course this is not a real voicemail message from a business associate. It is a malware or phishing email no doubt designed to infect your device, steal your personal information or money, etc. One of the telltale signs that this is a scam email can be seen when one simply mouses over the link (as opposed to clicking on the link). When one mouses over a link in the desktop/laptop version of Outlook for example, the program will show you the URL that the link is actually going to take you to. In this case, the actual URL is perfumes-malaysia.com.

If you run across an email like this while using your mobile device and cannot “mouse over” the link, it may make sense to further investigate a mail like this one once you get back to your desktop or laptop. It goes without saying that we should always verify links like this one by mousing over them, before clicking on them. If you need additional help verifying the legitimacy of an email, feel free to forward it to our support group (Support @ AVAREN.com).




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