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Challenges of Data Cabling and Installation

by James Kirk


Data cabling and installation work can end up costing your company lots of money if the work is handled by an inexperienced service provider. Data cabling amounts to so much more than simply sticking a cable into a wall socket and plugging the other end into a computer. The various methods and procedures require the need for professional installation. This fact cannot be emphasized enough.


Why a Professional

A qualified technician can make sure that the right software, equipment, and layout are all being used, and used in the proper way. Employing a professional data cabling service is a surefire way to keep your system operating efficiently and prevent it from performing poorly.

Much is covered under the blanket of data cabling, including Wi-Fi networking, computer networking and video & audio cabling. Although Wi-Fi networking is relatively the easiest to install; an Internet access method must be in place first. This can be set up via a cable system, as well as DSL, or some other connection source.

As far as computer networking is concerned, Ethernet cabling is probably one of the most common connection methods. This involves running cables from the main server to the computers that are connected in the network, creating both to-and-from data traffic. Needless to say, if this type of cabling is not properly planned, this can become an unsightly rat’s nest in your office.


Routing and Installation

There are many advantages to using a professional for your data cabling and installation needs. Certified technicians map out the most strategic routes through an office, making sure that cabling is properly tucked back into the spine. If a cable needs to come out and connect to a computer or other connection, it is done in a clean and inconspicuous manner. A major concern is making sure that the cabling is installed in an organized fashion, thereby protecting it from wear and tear. This also helps to prevent connection breaks and avoid any accidental tripping over cables.

Video and audio cabling can present a challenge to the less qualified installer. This is because it does not involve the same cabling and connections as those used for computer network cabling. Nonetheless, video and audio cabling must still be just as neat and organized, otherwise you still end up with a huge mess on your hands. Additionally, if the wrong cables are used, the video and audio equipment will not be compatible to the power source or the equipment that is used to produce the signal.


Getting it Right

When your data cabling installation work is done properly, all systems will be a go and you can expect to be problem-free. On the other hand, if your “expert” turns out to possess less knowledge and experience than they claim, you could end up with failed connections, or at the least, bad reception.

As you can see, it is crucial that your data cabling installation should be handled by a true professional. There is much to be said for getting it right the first time. If you want to avoid the hassle of poor data transfer performance or compatibility issues, make sure to consult a professional Computer Service or IT Support Company.

One particular business that is known for providing this type of quality service is AVAREN, based in Dallas-Fort Worth. AVAREN is comprised of certified computer technicians and network analysts. These professionals have worked in data centers for some of the world’s largest corporations. You can count on their efficiency in data cabling installation, as well as other related computer and IT support services.




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