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24/7/365 Network Management and Monitoring

The heart of AVAREN’s ‘Advanced Care’ process

(AVAREN is a Dallas-Fort-Worth Computer Network Monitoring & IT System Management Company)


Damage by malicious actors or unintentional ‘clicks’ by staff could happen at any time, wreaking havoc on your operations. You’ve worked hard to build your firm, and deserve to rest easily knowing your computing infrastructure is being monitored and governed efficiently. AVAREN’s network monitoring services guard your business against an ever increasing number of sophisticated web-based attackers, unintentional actions by authorized users, as well as hardware failures. In addition to obvious metrics like ‘Internet link status’, we also typically monitor:

  • Outbound DNS communication

  • Anti-virus status

  • Server status/event logs

  • Desktop status/event logs

  • Backup status

  • and much more

To give you a clearer understanding of just how capable our Advanced Care management and monitoring system is, let’s take a closer look at the types of operations our system performs to protect your desktops and laptops. Please take a look at the schedule shown here.
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You can see how the processes we have organized for the PC side of your business’s operation alone are impressive; yet this is only a small portion of the larger Advanced Care system we use to monitor and manage your computing infrastructure.

Utilizing state of the art management systems, multi-layered security practices, and with a focus on redundancy and backups; AVAREN has been managing networks for corporate and non-profit clients for decades. We will take great care of your business’s IT needs as well. Please call us today, and put our experiences to work in your business.

AVAREN is a Dallas-Fort-Worth Computer Network
Monitoring & IT System Management Company

Harden Your Company’s Infrastructure with our Layered Monitoring Approach


AVAREN’s network monitoring allows the business owner to rest assured that their firm’s network infrastructure is being well cared for. AVAREN utilizes no less than 4 different systems to monitor various aspects of your network and it’s traffic flow; any of which can trigger an alert for our team to further investigate. Over many years of performing these duties; we have found this multi-layered approach serves us well when endeavoring to keep your network up 100% of the time.

With this level of sophistication, our network analysts can rapidly spot abnormalities in things like server behavior or malicious traffic flow emanating from a particular machine. Not to mention we’ve spent years training our system to deal with abnormal events in an automated sense. All of this is to say that we will often know about, or will have already rectified many issues without your team being aware beforehand.


As part of our Advanced Care managed IT service, our network analysts and automated systems will continuously review various aspects of your system’s status: Internet connectivity status, critical errors within the event logs, changes in the performance of servers, and much more.


Between our state-of-the-art/real-time monitoring tools and our expert personnel, your business infrastructure will be in great shape. Give AVAREN a call and let us get started protecting your computing assets today.


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Dallas-Fort-Worth Computer Network
Monitoring & IT System Management

Can a network be called, “monitored,” without visibility at the gateway?

Most firewalls provide no transparency into network traffic flows.

In the computing world, a firewall is a hardware unit or software program engineered to shape traffic to and from a network. Many may not be aware that not all firewalls are created equally. Even many commercial firewalls have only the crudest of tool-sets for shaping traffic; and many provide no visibility into the traffic flows going in and out of your network. It is essential if not mandatory in a troubleshooting scenario, to be able to monitor these traffic flows and have the fine traffic shaping controls, absent in many inexpensive firewalls.

A saloon without a bouncer.

Many commercial firewalls lack automatic blacklist functions essential to keep potential intruders from probing your network endlessly. Automatic blacklist (or intrusion prevention) functions block offending IP addresses who hit one of many thousands of pre-programmed “trip-wires”. As AVAREN is in Dallas-Fort Worth, if you’ll allow me I’ll use a “Western” analogy. Imagine a saloon in the ‘Old West’ that did not have a bouncer to throw out patrons who would be troublemakers. If you have ports open in your firewall and don’t have an intrusion prevention system, your business is in a similar situation.

Most firewalls lack regular updates.

Many commercial firewalls lack frequent vendor provided updates for their protections and for its underlying firmware/operating system. If your firewall isn’t receiving major updates at least every quarter on the outside, it isn’t likely to be capable of protecting your network from current threats.

Many commercial firewalls lack historical reporting functions.

Most commercial firewalls have no capacity for storage beyond a few megabyte of flash or operating RAM. This means they have no method of generating or keeping substantive historical traffic, security alerts, and system logs. In short, the typical firewall being employed today has the memory span of a goldfish. Poor tools like these leave your IT workers with inadequate visibility into your traffic flows, and ties their hands when managing your network.

A properly managed business firewall (or Intrusion Prevention System) means staying up to date in order to be able to recognize and prevent the latest threats. Unfortunately this is something most small businesses are not aware of.  When you choose AVAREN to support your network, you can receive all the various protections described above including 24/7 monitoring of your most crucial pieces of infrastructure. Call AVAREN today!  214-379-4200. (AVAREN is a Dallas-Fort-Worth Computer Network Monitoring & IT System Management Company)

A sophisticated gateway security appliance (capable of providing visibility into traffic flows)
should be a part of every business’s network management protocols.



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AVAREN is Dallas-Fort-Worth Computer Network Monitoring & IT System Management for small Business


Veterans of big business and government; AVAREN has the experience
needed to provide reliable business systems.

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