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Need a network security audit or similar service in Dallas-Fort Worth?

AVAREN handles computer network security consulting services for Dallas & Fort Worth. At AVAREN we can service most every major make and model of router, firewall, or security appliance. In fact, if the issue is related to computer networks we likely service it or can steer you towards someone else who does. Call AVAREN today at 214-379-4200

Want to protect your business from hackers, mal-ware, annoying network disruptions, and slowdowns? Look no further than Access Enforcer, the series of UTM firewalls from Calyptix. AccessEnforcer brings simple and powerful network security to your small business. It combines multiple layers of protection to keep you safe and uninterrupted. Spam filtering, web content filtering, intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS), and unlimited VPN clients are just a few of the many features you get with standard service.

What makes AccessEnforcer different from other firewalls?

Unlimited users and connections

Some firewall vendors make you pay higher fees to add connections on your network. For example, if you pay for 25 users and want to add a 26th, then you will be blocked unless you buy a larger license. AccessEnforcer does not have strict user limits. Instead, each model is designed to support networks of a given size. The AE800 is recommended for networks with up to 25 users. The AE1200 is recommended for networks with up to 50 users. How many connections you have on the network is up to you.

Every security feature included

Other firewall vendors like to nickel-and-dime their customers, making you pay more to add features like email filtering or security updates. Calyptix doesn’t operate that way. Their AccessEnforcer firewall includes every security feature with standard service. You pay one price and get everything.

A few features that come standard:

● Intrusion detection/prevention (IDS/IPS)● Automatic updates for security and firmware
● Web content filtering with one-click HTTPS filters● Daily, weekly, and monthly automated reports
● Email filtering with user quarantines and blacklists● US-based tech support
● Protects against scans, spoofing, SYN and DDoS attacks● Hardware health checks every 10 minutes
● Unlimited IPsec and SSL VPN clients● Quality of service (QoS) with bandwidth management


Download Full Feature List (PDF)

Automatic Updates included

Keeping systems up to date is one of the biggest challenges facing small businesses. Once new hardware or software is released, hackers immediately look for gaps in its security to exploit. The vendors have to constantly release patches and updates to keep their customers safe. But these updates have to be applied to work. Unfortunately, many firewall vendors do not offer updates as part of standard service. Some require their customers to update their products manually (which often means the firewall goes un-patched). This is not optimal for security.

Calyptix, on the other hand, provides automatic updates as part of standard service for every AccessEnforcer. The device checks for updates to security rules and firmware every day and applies them hands-free. This saves your office a ton of time and resources, keeping your business safer with a firewall that’s always up-to-date.

Easy to Set Up and Manage

Many firewall vendors focus on serving large enterprises. Their security products are designed for mega-office environments, and their small business products are often little more than a set of complicated enterprise-level tools that are stuffed into a small, under-powerful device. Calyptix only serves small and medium businesses. Their AccessEnforcer firewall is easy to use because it’s designed for small office environments and not huge corporate networks. It’s much easier for your IT provider to set up and manage, which saves you time, money, and headaches.

Unbeatable Tech Support

Another way Calyptix save you time and money is with its fantastic support line. Why? Because their US-based support engineers answer the phone and solve your problem. In the security industry, this is unheard of.

“Call tech support at another firewall vendor and it’s a three-hour process. I like Calyptix because I can get someone on the phone in five minutes. My techs can call from the field… To me, that’s invaluable.”  – Kyle Strom, On Demand Network Solutions


Download the AccessEnforcer Quick PDF



Call for a free security consultation

AccessEnforcer may be one of the slickest UTMs out there, but we support them all. Call AVAREN today to schedule a free security consultation to protect your organization: 214-379-4200. AVAREN is computer network security consulting services for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.


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Can a network be called, “monitored,” without visibility at the gateway?

Most firewalls provide no transparency into network traffic flows.

In the computing world, a firewall is a hardware unit or software program engineered to shape traffic and access, to and from a network. Many may not be aware that not all firewalls are created equally. Even many commercial firewalls have only the crudest of tool-sets for shaping traffic; and many provide no visibility into the traffic flows going into and out of your network. It is essential if not mandatory in a troubleshooting scenario, to be able to monitor these traffic flows and to have the fine traffic shaping controls absent in many inexpensive firewalls.

A saloon without a bouncer.

Many commercial firewalls lack automatic blacklist functions essential to keep potential intruders from probing your network endlessly. Automatic blacklist (or intrusion prevention) functions block offending IP addresses of those who hit one of many thousands of pre-programmed “trip-wires”. As AVAREN is in Dallas-Fort Worth, if you’ll allow me I’ll use a “Western” analogy. Imagine a saloon in the ‘Old West’ that did not have a bouncer to throw out would be troublemakers. If you have ports open in your firewall and lack an intrusion prevention system, your business is in a similar situation.

Most firewalls lack regular updates.

Many commercial firewalls also lack frequent vendor provided updates for their protections and underlying firmware/operating system. If your firewall isn’t receiving major updates at least every quarter on the outside, it isn’t likely to be capable of protecting your network from current threats.

Many commercial firewalls lack historical reporting functions.

Most commercial firewalls have no capacity for storage beyond a few megabyte of flash or operating RAM. This means they have no method of generating or keeping substantive historical traffic, security alert, and system logs. In short, the typical firewall being employed today has the memory span of a goldfish. Poor tools like these leave your IT workers with inadequate visibility into your traffic flows, and ties their hands when managing your network.

A properly managed business firewall (or Intrusion Prevention System) means staying up to date in order to be able to recognize and prevent the latest threats. Unfortunately this is something most small businesses are not aware of.  When you choose AVAREN to support your network, you can  receive all the various protections described above including 24/7 monitoring of your most crucial pieces of infrastructure. AVAREN is computer network security consulting services for Dallas & Fort Worth. Call AVAREN today!  214-379-4200

A sophisticated gateway security appliance (capable of providing visibility into traffic flows)
should be a part of every business’s network management protocols.



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AVAREN is Computer Network Security Consulting Services for Dallas & Fort Worth

Veterans of big business and government; AVAREN has the experience needed to provide
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