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Looking for Ongoing IT Help Desk Services?

First-class help desk support your people will appreciate.


Small businesses frequently find it a challenge to manage their computing infrastructure and support the concerns of in-house computers users. Often business owners are reluctant to delegate these tasks to a team like AVAREN because they have concerns related to quality, experience, or costs. At AVAREN, we’ve been supporting businesses and their computer users for decades, and we’ve learned how to alleviate these concerns while keeping our client’s computer users happy. AVAREN has a track record of long term client retention; some for decades. We know how to specify, purchase, setup, and support the computers your employees need. We can make sure they have the right equipment for the right task, and ensure they have the help they need after a machine is setup. Always striving to operate as an extension of your team, turn key support of your computer users is what the AVAREN help desk is about.

AVAREN help desk equals happy employees, plus more time for you. Through email, phone, or chat our help desk provides an exceptional experience because our technicians work to operate as if they were your in-house staff. Your people will be pleased with the personalized care they receive when dealing with AVAREN; and we will work to continuously develop a better understanding of your team’s needs and how to satisfy them. Why “re-engineer the wheel” hiring in-house staff to handle IT issues, when our team specializes in providing help desk and computer support services for small businesses like yours?

Keep downtime and frustration at bay in your business.

In today’s world, well-run technology is foundational to the success of any business. When your computer systems aren’t working as they should, it affects your team’s ability to complete their jobs efficiently. Our help desk staff knows that when things go awry, your people need computing issues rectified without delay. That’s why AVAREN is here; to ensure that your team has the equipment they need, and that it is in great working order. AVAREN can handle all of your business’s IT service and support needs. Call us today. 214-379-4200

Expert Consultants are Available via Remote Support and Telephone

Your firm’s users deserve professional support from specialist technicians with the skills needed to resolve their computer issues fast. When your firm engages with AVAREN, your people will always have the outlet they need to get their technology issues resolved quickly. Once we hear from someone on your team, we go to work immediately with speedy remote connectivity tools that allow us to resolve IT issues without rolling a truck (in most cases). In only a matter of minutes the matter can be ‘on our plate’ instead of yours, or already on its way to resolution.

AVAREN’s help desk service provides:

  • Knowledgeable computer analysts

  • Ticketing system provided

  • Remote access for your users too

  • Issues can be escalated if needed

AVAREN is Dallas Fort Worth IT Help Desk Support
Services & Microsoft Windows Computer Repair

Qualified IT Support Your Team Will Love

Looking for an IT support team to assist your business with help desk, remote support, or other technology related challenges? We’ve got the tools and the experience to take great care of your business. Call AVAREN today for a no obligation consultation.

An estimate for our services can be prepared within 72 hours of a visit by one of our analysts. Call AVAREN today and get your team the qualified help they need. 214-379-4200. AVAREN provides IT help desk support services & Microsoft Windows computer repair for small business in Dallas Fort Worth.


AVAREN Offers Dallas Fort Worth Businesses IT Help Desk Support Services & Microsoft Windows Computer Repair

Co-Managed IT Solutions


AVAREN’s team of expert computer analysts can work with your existing IT staff to help them with many of the mundane aspects of network infrastructure management. AVAREN can support your existing systems while helping your staff to plan your organization’s future IT strategy. We already have all of the systems needed for your team to offload all the management tasks associated with modern computer networks such as:

  • Multiple Levels of Expertise

  • Ticketing System

  • Help Desk Service

  • Fleet Management & Monitoring

  • Automated Maintenance

  • Security Package/Appliance Monitoring

  • Cloud & Server Backup

  • …and more.

AVAREN is IT Help Desk Support Services & Microsoft Windows
Computer Repair for Small Businesses in Dallas Fort Worth

IT Help Desk Support Services & Microsoft Windows Computer Repair for Dallas Fort Worth


Call AVAREN for a no-obligation consultation.


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