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Dallas-Fort Worth Voice Over & Narration Services

In need of an announcer, voice-over artist, or narration for your telephones, PowerPoint, or other business project?

   If you want help with your voice over project right away, simply send an email to support@avaren.com with a few words about your project needs. Or call 214-379-4200 ext. 295.  In no time, after receiving your direction, John and his team will have high quality voice over audio delivered to your e-mail inbox.


Dallas Fort Worth Voice Over Narration Services

John Moore – Voice-Over Service Magic


   John Moore has been a professional announcer for TV and Radio for more than 35 years. He has worked for countless major market radio and TV stations, Sirius Satellite Radio, department stores, and more.  Now with advancements in the ability to work remotely over the internet, John’s team works for companies all over North America and the world. They have assembled a team of both male and female talent and complete most projects within 48 hours of assignment. They are friendly and their rates are reasonable. John likes to say that, “they are non-union and their rates reflect that”.


MP3 Audio Samples from Past Projects:

(Click links for sound)

Services John Offers:


  • Announcers
  • Narration
  • Male/Female Voice-Over Talent
  • Copy-writing and Re-works
  • Internet/Radio Voice Over
  • Professional Over Dubbing


We can record voice overs for:


  • Radio Commercials
  • Television Commercials
  • Promotional Audio
  • PowerPoint Audio
  • Telephone System Audio


When it comes to voice-over and narration, there isn’t much John’s team can’t do. If John’s team can help you, give them a call at 214-379-4200 ext. 295. Or send an email to support@avaren.com with a brief description of your needs. Someone will call you back shortly. In no time, after receiving your script John can have high quality voice over audio delivered to your in-box.


Dallas Fort Worth Voice Over Narration Services

  • Website Voice Over Audio
  • Music On-Hold Messages
  • Audio books
  • Training Audio
  • Museum Installations
  • Film Dubbing and Trailers
  • Computer Game Audio

As announcers or spokespersons, John’s team has developed an impressive client list. Some of their credits include:


  • ABC, NBC, FOX, UPN & other affiliates.
  • Flatrock/Dish Network
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Countless Radio/TV Stations
  • & Others

How you can transform your company’s telephone persona with voice-over/narration performed by a professional.


   Adding a professional voice over to your phone systems, on-hold messages, videos, presentations, or training videos can help you put forth an excellent first impression with clients. A voice over professional will add depth and personality to any automated voice recording. It can also serve to create a division between your firm and the ranks of the mom-and-pop shops.  Write up a script and send it over to John. Before you know it your customers will be listening to recordings on your systems that makes you sound better than your competitors.


Dallas Fort Worth Voice Over Narration Services

Using audio to set your firm apart from the competition.


   At AVAREN, we did a few other neat things to give our phone system a more professional character. For example we made our “on-hold” music the same as the music under our initial “auto attendant”. We wanted something relaxing yet upbeat and inviting. Give it a listen. (Click here to listen to auto attendant sample). Most people wouldn’t think to put music under their auto attendants, but when  done tastefully can help set your company apart. A voice-over professional like John can help you select any needed music or sound effects. Here is another example of phone audio — listen to the difference on this one; it is equalized for use with phone systems. (Click here for telephone audio sample).

SIDE NOTE: One of the reason you often hear distortion in music-on-hold and other phone-based sources is because the audio file was not Equalized (EQ) so that the phone lines could handle it better. The reality is that phone lines don’t handle either low or high frequencies very well and instead are able to better reproduce the mid-range frequencies typical in voice. So, if you want your phone audio to sound better over telephone lines, you need to EQ- out some of the low and high frequency information. This is especially true for Voice-over-IP telephone systems.

Anywhere where your business needs professional audio, John’s team can help. Send us an email with an outline of your project at support@avaren.com and someone will call you back shortly. Or if you prefer, give us a call today if we can help you with your telephone system or other voice over needs. Our number is 214-379-4200 ext. 295. Be certain to ask for someone on the voice-over team. In no time, after receiving your script, we can have high quality voice over audio delivered to you via email in-box.

Dallas Fort Worth Voice Over Narration Services

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