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Looking for IT Consulting Services?

AVAREN makes IT Painless for Business Managers

We are your company's IT department

AVAREN has the necessary systems in place to function as an extension of your company. AVAREN is an IT consulting & computer network support services company for Dallas & Fort Worth.

We manage all the routine details for you

Veterans of big business and government; AVAREN has the experience needed to provide reliable business systems.

We bundle the services your company needs

Don’t worry about needing a particular spam filter or backup system. The same systems we use every day to manage our own business are deployed for your business as well, ensuring ultra-smooth operations.

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    At AVAREN we understand that many small businesses may not have the resources or inclination to take on full-time IT staff.


    Qualified IT staff aren’t inexpensive, and if you do hire someone you may still be stifled at times because your business could depend solely upon the vision and skill set of a single individual. These are a few of the reasons why AVAREN exists:

    Why choose AVAREN for IT Consulting?


    WIth IT matters, multiple heads are better than one.

    AVAREN can provide your business an entire team of IT pros with a broader vision of the field than what would be possible for any individual. Our team has many decades of combined experience providing (Microsoft platform based) IT consulting to businesses located in or with branch offices in the North Texas region.

    Lower cost compared to hiring in-house staff.

    AVAREN provides your business with the support team and tools your computing infrastructure yearns for, and we do it in most cases for less than the cost of a full-time IT person. However with AVAREN, you have multiple multi-decade computer analysts working to determine the road map for the architecture of your network.

    We simplify IT for the business manager.

    When you engage with AVAREN, you can begin allowing our team to worry about all the finer details of the varied aspects of your computing systems. Concerns like spam-filters, backup systems, anti-virus, domain registrations, firewalls, employee Internet usage policies, etc. all become our concern instead of yours; allowing your management team to simply “point and click” at problems and make them go away.

    We bring the needed tools with us.

    We make IT support simple via our service bundle. Your firm won’t have to worry about managing dozens of software subscriptions, etc. We can do it all for you because we already do it for dozens of other businesses all over the North Texas region.

    No long term commitments.

    With AVAREN, there are no long term commitments or contracts. Some outsourced IT providers try to lock you into long term or even multi-year agreements. We generally keep our clients for many years, thus client “turn over” isn’t a problem for us. We are that confident in the quality of what we do.

    AVAREN is an IT Consulting & Computer
    Network Support Services Company
    for Dallas & Fort Worth

    We’ve Seen it Many Times

    AVAREN is an IT Consulting & Computer
    Network Support Services Company
    for Dallas & Fort Worth

    It seems almost common anymore. When AVAREN takes over IT management for a small business client, often it seems their employee roster begins to grow. We didn’t notice it the first few years of our existence, but after a decade or so it began becoming obvious. When business managers can more readily communicate their visions to an IT team capable of rapidly bringing this vision into realty, the more time they seem to have to devote to address the core impediments to their growth (which coincidentally appears to chiefly be refining training and internal process) the more rapidly a company seems to grow. Because our team at AVAREN tends to take such a load off business managers (freeing them up to target what is truly important to the growth of their businesses), we seem to consistently see our clients grow after making the decision to delegate more of their IT concerns to us.

    The IT consultants at AVAREN are highly adept at helping you find cost effective solutions to any IT concern. We can customize a forward looking action plan for your company’s technology needs, and begin working to re-tool the required aspects of your business infrastructure both on your time frame and on your budget. Afterwards, we will continue to work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure the needs of your people are met, and any roadblocks in their way removed.

    The computer analysts at AVAREN have been managing the IT concerns for businesses all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area for almost 20 years. Why not take us up on our offer of a no-obligation consultation by calling us today? 214-379-4200

    Frequently asked questions

    AVAREN is an IT Consulting & Computer Network Support Services Company for Dallas & Fort Worth. If you don’t see the answer to your questions here, please call us (214-379-4200) or fill out the contact form above. We will get back with you immediately.

    Can you provide free evaluations?

    Yes, we would be delighted. Call us (214-379-4200) to discuss your situation and we will do our best to assist you. After calling, we may need to send our people on-site to inspect your current systems and network. After fully determining your needs, we can prepare a more complete estimate for you.

    What is your service area?

    Generally we service Dallas, Ft. Worth, Denton and surrounding cities. Our office is near DFW airport .

    Do you provide on-site service?

    Absolutely. Because AVAREN becomes your IT department, we will spend as much as time as needed on-site at your facility.

    Can you provide ‘residential’ service?

    Only for our business clients.

    We bundle everything needed to serve as your IT Department

    Our clients needn’t worry about details like which anti-virus, backup software, or firewall to implement. For foundational functions like these, we implement the same systems everywhere which drastically reduces implementation burden and learning curve for your staff and ours.

    AVAREN’s IT Consulting Services

    Small businesses have to remain focused to be successful. At AVAREN our team endeavors to perfect IT security and business computing process automation so that the managers we work for can remain focused on what they do best. To this end, AVAREN provides a host of IT consulting services to small companies looking to eliminate their current technology roadblocks while more fixedly concentrating on the most pressing concerns within their business. If you wish to enhance productivity in your firm while turning more of a ‘blind eye’ to IT issues, call AVAREN and let us get started taking over much of the day to day management of your IT concerns.

    AVAREN is an IT Consulting & Computer Network Support Services Company for Dallas & Fort Worth

    AVAREN is an IT Consulting & Computer Network Support Services Company for Dallas & Fort Worth


    Veterans of big business and government; AVAREN has the experience needed to provide
    reliable business systems.