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Microsoft Exchange Server

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Decades of Experience with Microsoft Exchange

We’ve supported every version released since 1998 (5.0, 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019)

We've been troubleshooting SMTP/mail issues for decades

There is almost nothing we haven’t already seen in that time

Office 365 Exchange Hosting - So far so good

Office 365 and (3rd-party) Exchange hosting are tested and ready for wide adoption

AVAREN is Your IT Department

AVAREN is a Dallas Fort Worth based Microsoft Exchange Server & Hosting Support Services Company

What is Microsoft Exchange?

AVAREN is a Microsoft Exchange Server & Hosting Support Services Company in Dallas-Fort Worth


Microsoft Exchange is a software platform designed to host an organization’s user e-mail boxes, contacts, calendars, task lists, notes, public folders, and more. A user’s primary interface to an Exchange server is via the Outlook program; Outlook being part of the Microsoft Office suite of productivity applications.

Exchange Server (in the conventional in-house, or non-cloud sense) installs on top of Microsoft Windows Server after a number of preparatory steps are completed. After Exchange and all other prerequisites are adequately configured, its becomes possible to begin sending and receiving e-mail between your Exchange server and the outside world. Backing up an Exchange server is best left to professionals. This is because once a business becomes dependent on having an Exchange server, it’s employees will be negatively affected should it go down for any reason and requires experience to handle.

Over the years Microsoft Exchange has evolved well beyond being a simple mailbox repository, and has now become more of a suite full of organization and collaboration tools geared towards use by teams. With the advent of 3rd-party Exchange hosting and Office 365 Exchange hosting; we have more options than ever as to where to house these tools for our teams.

The pricing of the hosted options are reasonable, and most of the bugs have been ironed out of these systems to the point where it no longer makes sense to continue hosting the Exchange Server in-house. Even so, some organizations still have application, security, or other requirements that compel them to maintain their own in-house Exchange server. Regardless of which direction you choose (third party hosted, Office 365, or in-house Exchange) you can rest assured knowing you have made a great choice for your primary business collaboration platform (Exchange/Outlook). Many hundreds of thousands of businesses the world over have made the same choice; because the applications and feature sets are so compelling.

What does Exchange Server for In-House Use Cost?

Unleashing the power of an Exchange server inside one’s own facility does not come for a pittance. Assuming 10 users and given current version, etc., Exchange Server software is currently running about $1,500 (4/26/18).

What Does Microsoft Windows Server Cost?

The underlying operating system needed to run one’s own Exchange Server, again assuming (10) users is currently running about $1,300 (4/26/18). This software of course opens another set of features for business resource sharing, in addition to those provided by Microsoft Exchange.

What Does a Physical Server Cost?

While a physical server can technically be almost any piece of hardware, if one is planning a (multi-year) business software process implementation; it makes sense to build your Windows and Exchange Servers on hardware that was designed for the task. Even though a desktop PC could technically run this software, this is far from advisable. In our case at AVAREN we are typically implementing an HP DL380 rack mount server which can easily cost $2-5K or more depending on variables like: used or new, drive space, and other features. Building one’s system correctly the first time with the most appropriate software and hardware can ensure that your firm and it’s users get many years of trouble-free productivity from your investment.


AVAREN is a service company supporting Microsoft
Exchange Server, Exchange Hosting, & Office 365
for Dallas-Fort Worth

Our Hosted Exchange Offering

Predictable, pay-as-you-go pricing. Some minimums applicable.

Hosted Exchange – Features and Benefits

Hosted Exchange from AVAREN is email communication made easy for businesses who don’t want the hassle of managing a messaging platform themselves.

Your Business Benefits from AVAREN Hosted Exchange


AVAREN’s Secure Hosted Exchange subscriptions provide businesses with spam and virus free email, mobile sync, and all of the other collaboration benefits of Microsoft Exchange without the necessity of supporting an in-house mail server.

Exchange hosting is simple and easy from the customer perspective as the only thing employees have to worry about are their mailboxes. As a bonus, professional spam filtering is automatically bundled with every Hosted Exchange subscription; so you get great security built in too.


AVAREN is a Microsoft Exchange Server & Hosting Support Service Company for Dallas-Fort Worth

AVAREN is Microsoft Exchange Server & Hosting Support Service Company for Dallas & Fort Worth

Veterans of big business and government; AVAREN has the experience needed to provide
reliable business systems.

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