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Restore Anywhere Server Backup Process

100% Managed Process

We setup, manage, and monitor the status of the entire backup process for you

Servers, PCs? No Problem

Can be used for any combination of servers or PCs

We call it "Restore Anywhere" because that's what it does

We can restore your server images to almost any hardware or virtual machine

Flexible Restore Options After a Disaster


As your firm’s IT department, we take seriously our responsibility to ensure your firm’s critical infrastructure is protected against major outages.

Why? Because of our operational model, we will likely be the staff members working to recover from such an outage; and thus we would prefer to prevent these problems before they become severe.

As a result of our deep experience in the field, every decision we make at AVAREN (such as configuration, hardware, and software choices) are all designed to prevent failures before they occur.

Some years ago with all of this in mind, we set about devising a server backup system whereby recovery of system operations could be facilitated from any location (not just yours or ours). It’s a solution we call “Restore Anywhere”. In the event of a major server failure that cannot be repaired via hardware replacement, AVAREN can restore to:


The same server


A dissimilar server


A Virtual Machine (VM) in the cloud


Or a (VM) on your Restore Anywhere Device (RAD)

AVAREN provides Windows Server and Online Cloud Computer Data Backup Services to Small Businesses in Dallas Fort Worth

AVAREN Restore Anywhere

Our Restore Anywhere backup solution for servers is 100% managed for your convenience.

Can Grow With Your Storage Needs

Both the on-site and off-site portions of the backup process can scale as you require.

Can be used for Servers or PCs

Want a particular set of servers or PCs going to the cloud? No problem.

Large Onsite Historical Archive

The Restore Anywhere Device (RAD) keeps an archive at your firm in addition to off-site.

1TB Offsite Storage Included

Offsite Push of Up to 1TB Included. More available.

Restore to Anything Anywhere

Restore to a virtual machine (VM) on a RAD, a VM in the cloud, similar or dissimilar hardware.

We Keep Spare Servers On-Hand

We try to pre-anticipate what our clients may need before they need it.

How Our Backup System for Servers Works

A brief overview on disk snapshot technology

AVAREN employs one of the most advanced server backup systems available today. In many cases we back up our client’s server disks once per hour. You might ask, how can it be possible to back up that much data every hour?

It is possible because each hourly snapshot consists only of those changes to the data set that have occurred since the last backup. Every night at 23:00, our system goes to work collapsing these hourly incremental snapshots into a single comprehensive daily snapshot and then goes to work to replicate this daily snapshot to one or more off-site data-centers. (It should be mentioned that the backup files are encrypted at inception before they leave your facility.)

A chain of these daily incremental snapshots can be used to create a weekly incremental; and the weekly incremental can be used to create a monthly incremental, etc. These incremental snapshots, along with an original snapshot taken when the backup chain is initialized, can be used to create a point in time snapshot restore for most any month, week, day, etc.

In order to reduce the amount of storage that is used by this elaborate process; we eliminate daily backup files after a week, and the weekly files after a few months. However, unless otherwise instructed, we will generally keep the monthly incremental files indefinitely for as long as we work for your company.

For cloud based infrastructure, we can employ a similar backup snapshot system whereby cloud based email, files, and other data storage can be backed up with a similar degree of care.

AVAREN is a Windows Server and Online Cloud Computer Data Backup Company for Small Businesses in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

Backup for Your Cloud Infrastructure

Your cloud data deserves the best protections

Did You Know...

… that the restore tools in Office 365 are inadequate

Backup Office 365 and Other Cloud Services

AVAREN can backup your SharePoint, OneDrive, e-mail boxes, Salesforce and other cloud resources.

Cost Effective Backup

AVAREN Cloud backup is based on a simple per-user pricing model, with no additional fees for performance for additional storage.

Don’t get caught off guard assuming your cloud data is safe.

When it comes to working with cloud-based storage and applications, many restore options such as “granular item recovery” usually aren’t available. But opportunity for hackers and human error still exist. Humans inadvertently delete important files and folders, overwrite each other’s documents, and infect their systems.

Thus far, the recovery options given to us by cloud vendors have been lackluster at best. At AVAREN we have found solutions for this lack of recovery options within cloud services.

AVAREN Cloud Backup provides granular restore protections for your business’s data at Microsoft Office 365, Google Cloud, and other cloud providers. Once configured, restore points are created automatically. Afterwards, when we need to recover files on your behalf we can do so in minutes. Lastly, your team can stop worrying about details like remaining storage space, system upgrades, and the possibility backups failing. AVAREN can watch over all this for you.

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AVAREN is a Dallas Fort Worth Windows Server and Online Cloud
Computer Data Backup Services for Small Business


Determining What to Protect Before Disaster Strikes


Managers within a business generally know best which information within their system is crucial and must be preserved. You may not be aware, but in addition to your working files, there are many other facets of a business IT infrastructure that should also get backed up. These can include:

  • Server Operating Systems and Configuration – In the event of a failure that forces a complete rebuild of your server, just backing up the user related data will prove to have been inadequate.
  • Firewall and other Hardware Configurations – Reprogramming devices from scratch in the event of a failure can waste valuable work hours.
  • Specific User PCs – Losing certain operation related PCs, or those of executives, can create unnecessary headaches and delays in production.
  • Configuration Documentation – There are many aspects of a network’s configuration that ideally would be documented. Not having this documentation can cost a network analyst much time when re-constructing a network in the event of an outage.

With your team’s help, we will work to understand your firm’s processes, and begin working to implement changes to prevent major outages. Together we can determine which information is critical to your business and ensure it is being appropriately secured, backed up, and documented.

It should be noted that simply by engaging with AVAREN, your business will instantly be in a much better position to recover from outages; because we pre-stock most of the server and networking parts that would be needed in an emergency, as well as documenting (as a course of our normal work) most of the pertinent aspects of your business’s computing infrastructure. Couple these processes with a multi-location server and cloud infrastructure backup system, and your business becomes hardened against major outage events.

AVAREN handles Dallas Fort Worth Windows Server and Online Cloud Computer Data Backup Services for Small Businesses

AVAREN is Windows Server & Online Cloud
Computer Data Backup Services for Small Businesses in Dallas Fort Worth

Veterans of big business and government; AVAREN has the experience needed to provide
reliable business systems.

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