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Helpful downloads and resources

Fast Copy 211 x32
Fast Copy is a file and directory copier.

Levelator 2.1.1
Levelator allows you to adjust your file’s audio levels.

NMAP Port List
This is a comprehensive NMAP Port reference.

Ping Monitor Free
This is EMCO’s free ping monitor.

Putty is a free network file transfer application.

Rename Master
Rename Master allows you to rename files in bulk.

SuperScan 3
SuperScan is a free, Windows only, port scanner.

SuperScan 4.1
This is an updated version of SuperScan 3.

WinAce 2.69
This is an old version of WinAce, file management.

WinRAR 4.20
This is an old version of WinRar, file management.

WinZip 8.0
This is an old version of WinZip, file management.

WS_FTP LE 5.08
This is an older, simple, FTP app.

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