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Criminals are registering a multitude of domain names (URLs) to send out mass loan offer e-mails, in the hope of snaring unsuspecting victims into giving up their financial or other personal data. This is email phishing.

Every few weeks we see (and block) a batch of emails from new URLs offering personal and business loans, lines of credit, etc.

The perpetrators are presumably sending these e-mails out to 10’s of thousands of people, hoping to snare the unsuspecting.

Typically, when investigated the companies do not exist. These email phishing ‘companies’ will often purport to be BBB Accredited (though not in the BBB database).

The problem appears to becoming increasingly prevalent. We have already blocked many dozens of these supposed loan companies from being able to e-mail our customers in recent months.

The e-mails will typically provide functional reply email addresses and telephone numbers (often forwarded overseas), but will generally use faked physical addresses or those of other firms.


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