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For many years I have received fake RFQs and purchase orders through e-mail. Usually they are obvious fakes written in poor English and with few embellishments. Opening my mail this morning however I found one that is more sophisticated (shown below).

In this example the perpetrators are using the name of a real company, but have registered a different domain name (URL). The real company uses vertivco.com and the perpetrators have registered vertivcomp.com. Presumably after replying to this mail, the perpetrators would then tell one where to ship the goods, etc. The goods would then disappear, and so would vertivcomp.com once too many people were onto them.


Vertivcomp.com is alleged to be registered to a “Logistics LLC” based out of a Republic Bank branch in West Chicago, although their listed phone number is in Maryland. An attempt to ring the 614 number in the e-mail went to a nondescript voicemail. The perpetrators used GoDaddy to register their domain name. The GoDaddy ‘Phishing’ group has been notified.



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