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Need Help Managing Your Computing Infrastructure?

AVAREN’s got you covered.

We bundle the services your company needs

The same systems we use at dozens of other businesses can be deployed for your business as well, ensuring ultra-smooth operations.

We can manage the routine details for you

We already have the necessary systems in place to manage and protect your firm’s network.

Decades of Microsoft Server Experience

We’ve supported every version released since 1992 (3.11, NT, 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016,2019, 2022)

Simplify the Ongoing Management of Your IT Infrastructure

We’ve got the tools and systems your company needs to take much of the headache out of managing IT resources. For decades, one of our passions at AVAREN has been IT automation. Automation of patching and third party updates, desktop and server event log parsing/alerting, a multitude of other status checks, and much more. AVAREN can watch over and help manage your PCs and laptops, server and cloud infrastructure, network, gateway, and user concerns. We can take the pain out of the mundane aspects of IT management so that your task load can shift ‘up the stack,’ allowing you to focus on more strategic business concerns.



Help Completing Projects and Migrations

In addition to on-going management, AVAREN can also handle projects for you. From new PC roll-outs to migrations and upgrades, you get the extra hands you need, when you need them. We can help ensure your firm’s IT projects are handled in a timely fashion and without unneeded disruptions to your operations.

IT Projects are like bridge building. In order for their execution to be painless, every last detail must be carefully considered beforehand. Multiple professionals considering the ramifications and steps involved in your IT projects means better pre-planning and fewer mid-project mishaps. Our team has been handling IT infrastructure projects for companies across the North Texas region for decades. Let us help your firm too.




In most cases we already know what hardware and software tools work well for a particular challenge. We know this because we are managing the same functions for 2 dozen other businesses throughout the DFW Metroplex. So don’t worry about which PCs to buy, or which spam filter and backup systems to use; we already have fantastic commercial solutions in place to recommend what works when protecting your business. You can rest assured knowing Avaren has the best solutions to handle these fine details of IT procurement.



Efficiency with HR

AVAREN offers our services to businesses on a, month-to-month, fractional basis, which can help simplify your HR concerns. Even utilizing all of our services will still cost far less than adding another full time person. Let us relieve your HR by entirely sidestepping the potential pitfalls associated with another permanent hire. After-all, utilizing AVAREN is more flexible than hiring. Why not call AVAREN today to start the process of letting us assist in removing your HR (and) IT related headaches.



No Long Term Commitments

With AVAREN, there are no long term contracts or commitments. Some outsourced IT providers try to lock you into long term or even multi-year agreements. We generally keep our clients for many years, thus client “turn over” isn’t a problem for us. We are that confident in the quality of what we do.

IT Project Planning

Engaging in a major IT project without experienced network analysts by your side to plan and brainstorm potential pitfalls, can lead to unintended consequences at the worst possible time. Ideally, every detail of an IT project would be carefully considered before the first step in the plan is executed.


Our staff can help seamlessly execute IT projects such as:

  • New implementations or changes to an existing network
  • Software installations & major upgrades
  • Proactive network management and monitoring
  • Server/PC/Network upgrades, hardware procurement
  • ISP Connectivity, dual WAN
  • Data/Phone cabling
  • New offices and relocations


Why deal with numerous third-parties when AVAREN can reduce the number of parties involved, simplify your project’s execution, and ensure it occurs without unanticipated challenges. Why not call or e-mail AVAREN today to begin a no-obligation consultation?

AVAREN’s IT Consulting Services

Why call upon the services of an IT consultant for your business?

 An IT consultant can:

  1. Provide a fresh perspective on the operation of your IT infrastructure.
  2. Provide recommendations about security related or other needed changes.
  3. Can provide the short term labor you need for projects.
  4. Help fill in gaps; providing functions your firm is not handling internally.


AVAREN’s IT consultants can assist your firm with specifying, deploying, and managing IT infrastructure. AVAREN assists roughly two dozen different businesses at any given time, so our team has a broad range of experiences to draw from when helping you with technology concerns. We offers a broad range of IT consulting services in Dallas Fort-Worth such as:


  • Business Continuity/Server Backup
  • Cloud Computing/Virtualization
  • Data & Network Security
  • Help Desk/Project Management
  • IT Procurement/Vendor Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Office Relocation
  • Storage Solutions/System Integration

AVAREN is Premium Computer Service for
Small Business

Veterans of big business and government; AVAREN has the experience needed to provide
reliable business systems.

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