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‘Advanced Care’ is Managed IT Services

AVAREN Advanced Care

A comprehensive “Managed IT Services” bundle for small business

We do IT all

We provide everything needed to serve as your IT department

Proactive Management of your IT Infrastructure

On-site and off-site alike; all bases covered

AVAREN is Managed IT Services. We bundle everything needed to serve as your IT Department


Our clients needn’t worry about details like which anti-virus, backup software, or firewall to implement. For foundational functions like these, we implement the same systems everywhere which drastically reduces implementation burden and learning curve for your staff and ours.

Qualified IT Support Your Team Will Love

Looking for an IT support team to assist your business with help desk, remote support, or other technology related challenges? We’ve got the tools and the experience to take great care of your business. Call AVAREN today for a no obligation consultation.

An estimate for our services can be prepared within 72 hours of a visit by one of our analysts. Call AVAREN today and get your team the qualified help they need at 214-379-4200. AVAREN is a managed IT services company serving the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

AVAREN Advanced Care

Our Advanced Care package bundles most everything a small business needs from their IT department.

24/7 Help-desk

Tier 1/2/3 onsite and remote support as needed. We give your team access to our ticketing system.

Automated Asset Reporting

AVAREN utilizes ‘state of the art’ fleet management and reporting systems. Every detail of your system’s status can be tracked.

Automated Backup

Cloud or in-house infrastructure, AVAREN can implement the latest backup and archival technologies to keep your firm protected.

Automated Maintenance

We have the latest in automation and management systems; minimizing the labor needed to support computing infrastructure.

Complete IT Management

Managing your firm’s internal and cloud infrastructure on an ongoing basis; allows managers to focus on other things.

Proactive Practices

Best practices derived from decades of experience, coupled with 24/7 PC, server, and system monitoring.

Network Security

We bundle an entire layered approach to network security including gateway and DNS security, anti-virus, spam filtering, and more.

Remote Connectivity

We implement a centralized and track-able remote connectivity system for both your users and ours. (Typically LogMeIn Pro)

Vendor Assistance

We make IT simple for our clients by managing dozens of systems for them. Instead of a dozen bills and agreements, our clients have one.

Why choose AVAREN for IT Consulting?


Lower cost compared to hiring in-house staff.

AVAREN provides your business with the support team and management tools your computing infrastructure needs; and we do it for less than the cost of hiring a full-time IT person. With AVAREN however, you have multi-decade computer analysts working with you to help determine the architecture of your computing systems.

We simplify IT for the business manager.
When you engage with AVAREN our team begins to worry on your behalf about all the varied aspects of your computing systems. Concerns like spam-filters, backup systems, anti-virus, firewalls, employee Internet usage policies, etc., all become our concern instead of yours; allowing your management team to delegate with ease.
No long term commitments.
With AVAREN, there are no contracts or long term commitments. Some IT departments try to lock your business in to very long term agreements. We usually keep our clients for 5 or more years, thus “turn over” of clients isn’t a problem for us. We are confident in what we do.
We bring the needed tools with us.
AVAREN makes IT support simple for our customers via our service bundle. Your team won’t have to worry about managing dozens of software subscriptions and licensing agreements. We can do all this for you with ease because we already do it for dozens of other businesses in North Texas.
Where IT is concerned, multiple heads are better than one.
AVAREN provides your business an entire team of IT pros with a broader vision of the IT field than what is possible for any individual. Our team has decades of combined experience providing IT consulting to businesses located in the North Texas region.

AVAREN Restore Anywhere

Our Restore Anywhere backup solution for servers is 100% managed for your convenience.

Can Grow With Your Storage Needs

Both the on-site and off-site portions of the backup process can scale as you require.

Can be used for Servers or PCs

Want a particular set of servers or PCs going to the cloud? No problem.

Large Onsite Historical Archive

The Restore Anywhere Device (RAD) keeps an archive at your firm in addition to off-site.

1TB Offsite Storage Included

Offsite Push of Up to 1TB Included. More available

Restore to Anything Anywhere

Restore to a virtual machine (VM) on a RAD, a VM in the cloud, similar or dissimilar hardware.

We Keep Spare Servers On-Hand

We try to pre-anticipate what our clients may need before they need it.

Bi-Annual Technology Meetings

Managed IT Services


In addition to supporting existing infrastructure, as part of our Advanced Care process we also engage in periodic on-site audits and meetings with your staff. For most of our clients, performing these duties every six months is adequate, although some prefer to see us perform these duties quarterly:

  • Tier 3 analyst to perform audits and provide reporting
  • Ensure that staff needs are truly met
  • Ensure that technology is aligned with your business goals
  • Proactively minimize downtime


Managed Internet Security Process

AVAREN can manage all aspects of your company’s internet security.

Backed-up Regularly

Your gateway configuration is routinely and automatically backed up off-site.

DNS Security

Security enforcement built into the foundation of the internet.


Internet Transparency

AVAREN’s tools provide visibility into your company’s internet traffic.

Intrusion Prevention System

AVAREN uses an (IPS) capable of auto-blacklisting hackers when they hit security tripwires.

We Keep Spares On-Hand

In an emergency, your gateway configuration can be restored to spares we keep locally.

Web Usage Filtering

AVAREN can filter outbound internet access and improve employee productivity.

AVAREN is Managed Computer & IT Services for Dallas-Fort Worth

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