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What is AVAREN NetGuard?


Obtain full control over the performance and supervision of your network infrastructure.

We handle alerts, enabling you to focus on issues within your company while we maintain your network security effectively.

NetGuard is our network infrastructure monitoring solution that supports your business with comprehensive network supervision.


Seamless Installation

Gain Complete Oversight

Monitor Vital Resources

Troubleshoot Issues within Your Network

Record and Analyze Network Data

Live Network Insights

Gain total visibility over your network. We monitor and respond to dynamic changes as they happen, ensuring the best performance and rapid solutions to issues.

Network and Asset Discovery

Every asset across your entire network, associated VLANs, and subnetworks, are logged within our system.

Network Topology Mapping

We manage your network hierarchy through a detailed topology map of how devices are connected.

Device Attribute Discovery

We develop a full profile of each device and monitor the accessibility of your network’s gateway.

Asset Inventory

Our inventory management system grants visibility into your IT assets, including hardware devices, software applications, equipment, and other resources.

Elevate your network management with AVAREN NetGuard, where we ensure the security and performance of your network with real-time visibility.

Security and Compliance

Ensure your network infrastructure monitoring is of top priority with AVAREN NetGuard

  • Network Inventory and Classification (Inventory): We use this feature closely for network infrastructure monitoring dynamics, enabling us to enhance security and provide you with heightened awareness and visibility.
  • New Device Event (NDE): We keep a vigilant eye on new devices entering your network, ensuring that your security measures are always up to date.
  • Internal Services Discovery (LAN Port Scan): Our team identifies open ports and services within your network, using this information to establish connections through reverse tunneling.
  • Perimeter Security Scan (WAN Port Scan): We perform scans to understand publicly exposed services on your IP/WAN/Internet. This helps us identify potential vulnerabilities so that we can take the necessary steps to strengthen your network infrastructure monitoring.

By adhering to strict security protocols, AVAREN NetGuard ensures a robust shield for your network. Our system plays a vital role in helping to maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations.

This is a network infrastructure monitoring dashboard.

This is a network infrastructure monitoring dashboard.

Advanced Infrastructure Performance Capabilities

We can access unparalleled insights into your network through the utilization of detailed network infrastructure monitoring and optimization features. This helps us ensure seamless functionality and enhances performance across your entire infrastructure.

Open Port Discovery

NetGuard automates the scanning of open ports on each device, detecting available TCP services.


We can proactively monitor any network device and/or application service by leveraging a library of pre-built scripts.

Scalable Solution

As a business grows, its computing network expands with it. Our network infrastructure monitoring solution accommodates large networks and device growth.

Enhance your network management experience with AVAREN NetGuard,  prioritizing efficiency and reliability.

This is a network infrastructure monitoring dashboard.
This is a network infrastructure monitoring dashboard.

All-Inclusive Reporting

We can gain a complete view of your network’s health and performance through the reporting capabilities of NetGuard


  • Comprehensive Network Insights: We can generate on-demand reports to monitor various network details, including, status, internet speed tests, latency charts, WAN performance metrics, and vital device uptime/downtime.
  • Audit Logging and Reports: NetGuard keeps track of IT device activity across your networks through comprehensive audit logs. This feature helps ensure transparency and accountability in network management. 
  • In-Depth Network Data Aggregation: We manage the real-time and historical data for your entire network inventory. Our system develops a thorough understanding of each device, including device type, status, IP address, and historical data. This level of detail empowers thorough analysis, troubleshooting activities, and well-informed decision-making for managing your network infrastructure monitoring.

This is a network infrastructure monitoring dashboard.

Our Network Infrastructure Monitoring solution can access valuable insights into the historical performance of your network.

AVAREN is Network Infrastructure Monitoring for Small Businesses based in the Dallas Fort Worth region.

Veterans of big business and government; AVAREN has the experience needed to provide
reliable business systems.

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