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Finally, a Business Solution
for Password Management!

Password security is a concern for organizations in the Internet age;

AVAREN has tools to make it simpler.


Professionalize the Management and Use of Passwords


The management of passwords, account numbers, pins, and other critical user information has become a pain point both for executives and staff. Each staff member has historically had their own unique method of management; many of them lackluster. Among teams of managers, sharing passwords to finance or other vendor accounts has also become problematic. Additionally, storing passwords and account information in plain text, email programs, or spreadsheets is no longer safe or secure. 

To alleviate these concerns (after significant testing) we have arrived at a professional solution for the management of passwords and credential related information that we feel comfortable extending to our clients. The password management solution we’ve implemented is a centralized, cloud-based platform. Each user has their own personal repository in addition to a team or group area where vendor passwords and other credential or account information can be shared in team or departmental groupings.


Click here for our white paper on Password Management

Password Management System

Eliminate Team Confusion

Military Grade Protections

Seriously Secure Credentials

Your data is safe from prying eyes. Even our team can’t see your passwords.


Our password manager has been designed from the ground up to be ultra-secure. In addition to other safeguards, the data within the system is fully encrypted. External auditors are used to ensure the system is as secure as possible.


While using the system, each individual has their own personal repository in addition to a shared team space. Our team at AVAREN does not have access or visibility into either your individual or team spaces within the system.

Made For Departmental Groups

Create secure team folders for the way your business functions.


Every user has access only to the items needed for their tasks. Create secure folders and sub-folders for teams, departments, clients, and more.

  • Want to setup departmental access? Super Easy!
  • Want to grant access for a limited time? No Problem!
  • Employee moving to new function? Easy!
  • Staff client assignment change? No Problem!

End-User Reporting & Auditing

See who accessed what and when


Our passwords, pins, and other account information can be among the most valuable information a business has, and your managers often have access to this data. You need to have the ability to know who has accessed which password (or account) and when it happened.

As the business owner, reports can be compiled to tell you if passwords exist that are not sufficiently complex, if passwords have not been changed, or if passwords are unique. Now we have a system designed expressly for the management of this most sensitive password and account data; and we have reporting and transparency into its use.

There’s Still More to Our Password Management Solution!

Click here for our white paper on Password Management

1-Click Website Logins

Drag & Drop Data Imports

Multi-Factor Authentication

Personal Password Vaults

Role-based Permissions

Active Directory 2-Way Sync

Password Generator

Mobile Optimized Access

Global Search

Password History Retention

User Disable Workflow

Password Rotation Management

Custom Security Groups

Temporary Access Rights

Data Exports/Reporting

Data Analytics

Why Every Business Should Employ a Password Manager


“A system for password management makes it easier for your staff and managers to create, secure, access, and share complex passwords and other important account details.”


   As your IT department it is our privilege to help you operate a reliable technology infrastructure. In order to deliver a lack of interruptions to end-users, we know that a robust infrastructure requires superior security protocols. Probably the best and easiest way for end-users to engage in the battle against hackers is to ensure that they are using strong unique passwords at every separate vendor.

Our end-user’s passwords safeguard their most sensitive business data; and a single lapse of protocol could cause chaos. Fortunately, our cloud-based password manager allows us an easy way to begin professionalizing each user’s inventory of passwords and account information. Proper use of a password manager by all staff can greatly reduce the odds of a business tech infrastructure breach.


Best Practices for Business Password Use

   With passwords, pins, and other account details, a little planning can offer immediate benefits. Here are some of the best ways to professionalize password security in your enterprise.  

  • A Password Manager Eases Modern Security Demands. Sufficiently strong credentials and multi-factor identification (MFA) are less difficult to manage when deployed along with a password management system. Achieving security best practices is virtually impossible without the use of such a system. Password managers provide a central storage location for all passwords; with one master password (per user) and one organization key (per group) as an entry point. This enables end-users to create and use strong sufficiently complex passwords without having to remember them, keep plain text or paper lists, etc.
  • Unique Complex Passwords. Unless an end-user inadvertently divulges account information through a phishing or malware attempt, hackers must utilize “brute-force” (automated repetitive guessing over time) attacks to determine credentials. Creating unique passwords for every vendor decreases the chances that a password divulged in one location can be utilized in other locations or at other vendors. Complex passwords include long-tail phrases, phrases that don’t include personally identifying information, both uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and symbols. A cloud-based password manager can verify the strength of a user’s pre-existing passwords, as well as auto-generate strong new ones.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). When using a password in conjunction with an email address for example which could be guessed, a password would thus comprise only one authentication factor—the password itself. To achieve multi-factor authentication, another factor could be something the end-user would physically possess—like a smart mobile device. The smart mobile device could be used to confirm receipt of an SMS text message or otherwise generate a code to serve as a second authentication factor. For even greater security, the number of factors can be taken beyond two.  Recording and remembering all of this user data is becoming a challenge; which is where a password management system comes in.


Advantages When Using a Password Manager

   As you can already tell, the benefits of a password manager are profound. Most notably of course is that a password manager helps end users, create, store, access, and share within teams all the passwords and account details that are needed to do their jobs. The master repository is protected behind multiple factors and each user has their own area as well as a team area where departmental groupings can be configured. Employee activity within the system is traceable and access of specific employees can be terminated as needed.

Cloud based password management software is engineered to make accessing passwords and other account information as convenient and secure as feasible. For managers, the password solution offers the advantage of easy access to team vendor and finance credentials from a single, centralized application. Centralization makes end-user reporting and analytics possible as well; as the system can tell who was logged in when and what they accessed inside the “vault”.


What About the Safety of Password Managers?

   It seems that questioning the safety of password management systems is among the first thoughts people have when learning the concept. They tend to ask for example, “With a single password controlling access to the vault, doesn’t it become easier for hackers to access everything in it?” Fortunately, the answer is, “No”.

Of course, any security system could in theory be hacked by a sophisticated attacker. However, our password manager was built to include extensive measures to encrypt the internal data, so even a successful breach will leave the data inaccessible to hackers. Encryption means an attacker that hacks into the cloud-based password manager would still need each organization’s master key to access the data. In other words, the system has been engineered expressly for this purpose and is far superior to anything an individual organization could construct with less resources to deploy.

Password management systems are becoming ever more common as they are much safer than the alternative systems we will devise on our own. For maximum pass-code related data security and departmental sharing capabilities, a cloud-based password manager is going to be difficult to beat.

The problems with storing passwords and account information have become critical.


AVAREN has a solution.

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