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IDNS is a supposed technology company that sends businesses unsolicited invoices (they refer to them as only as notifications although they look like an invoice) for domain registrations and other services. The invoiced services (example shown below) are overpriced and often for domains that the targeted company has not previously purchased (or would not have purchased if left to their own devices).

Let’s say your business uses a domain/URL of ABCPestControl.com. IDNS might send your business a “notification” to renew this domain, even though IDNS is not the registrar your business originally used to acquire the domain name. IDNS also enjoys sending businesses “notifications” for domains (or permutations of their domains) that aren’t used or needed (such as .net and .org).


When read carefully, IDNS’ ‘notifications’ technically state that you will be transferring your domain to IDNS should you pay their bill; and therefore are skirting the edge of the law in regards to these unsolicited invoices. They aren’t technically breaking any laws and cannot therefore be referred to as a ‘scam’; but ‘scam’ is nonetheless the first word that pops into my mind when considering how they function. It is my opinion that IDNS hopes that people will pay the invoices without confirming that they need to be paid. In fact, a quick search of the internet turns up many countless examples of people inadvertently paying IDNS. This is a testament to how confusing these ‘notifications’ are designed to be.


Unless your company is already doing business with IDNS (not advisable considering the nature of their operation), their notifications/invoices should go into the shredder after alerting your internal Accounts Payable staff. Should our (AVAREN’s) customers ever have doubts about any technology related invoice; they are free to call us, or proactively forward these invoices to AVAREN for further examination.


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