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Solutions for Advanced Security & Compliance

What do the terms SIEM and SOC mean?

  • A SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) system is a software technology that provides enhanced network traffic visibility (within a security context) by alerting suspicious or potentially illegitimate network activity. Via a group of predetermined policy rules as well as correlation of alerts across multiple devices; a SIEM solution allows security analysts to pinpoint and act upon suspected threats more rapidly than with conventional security logging solutions.


  • A SOC (Security Operations Center) is comprised of the people, processes, and software technologies involved in proactively monitoring a network for suspicious or unauthorized behavior, responding to alert incidents, and researching known/unknown threats.

Security Incident Event Manager & Security Operations Center (SIEM/SOC)


AVAREN’s SIEM/SOC bundle is the ideal solution for businesses with compliance (or other) needs where greater transparency into network activity is required.

With cyber security attacks events becoming more prevalent, businesses of all sizes require enhanced visibility throughout the entire network environment in order to rapidly identify malicious code and actors. Through unified multi-device log parsing, security event correlation, and a 24/7 security operations center (SOC), AVAREN can work to help keep your business a few steps ahead of malicious cyber-security actors.

AVAREN provides advanced real-time SIEM capabilities tied into a 24/7 SOC: featuring real-time alerts, simultaneous importation of log records, and activity monitoring on a host of devices. Thus, AVAREN’s SIEM/SOC solution can help get your organization in compliance with any of the three current regulatory standards including NIST-800, HIPAA, and PCI. We analyze and collect information from network devices, manage and retain logs, and process alerts; to ensure your organization has maximum visibility both for regulatory compliance and to respond to security related events should they occur.

Cyber-security, compliance, and audits can be complex; AVAREN is here to help!

Key SIEM/SOC Features

Automated Correlation

Security events logged against multiple devices provide faster identification of issues and a thorough understanding of threats. This model (versus the old model of detecting issues within the vacuum of a single device) increases both detection rate and speed while enhancing the ability of our staff to discover more sophisticated attacks.

Industry Leading SIEM Technology

AVAREN’s SIEM platform combines dashboard visuals and innovative automation technologies that accelerate security incident response and correction. Couple this with AVAREN’s 24/7 SOC to deliver a best in class solution for small businesses that need to meet complex security and compliance requirements.

Analyze and Monitor

Monitor critical security related log files to help identify and correlate malicious attacks, while adhering to regulatory standards. Please inquire with a representative to obtain a list of tested/supportable devices.

Advanced Compliance Reporting

AVAREN can generate reports and threat analysis outcomes for the three primary regulatory standards: NIST-800, PCI, and HIPAA.

Threat Intelligence

The two halves of the AVAREN SIEM/SOC solution work together to support compliance requirements and simultaneously identify threats on every enrolled device: firewalls, switches, servers, and client machines.


Fewer False Positives

Accuracy in security event diagnosis reduces “alert fatigue” and reduces labor and other costs associated with incident management.

Key Benefits of SIEM/SOC

Advanced Security Operations

Cyber criminals use similar tactics when targeting all businesses. AVAREN provides a managed detection and response solution that is easy to scale up and down. This allows business managers to focus on their businesses; while AVAREN supplies the technology and staff to remediate threats.

Be Compliance Ready

State-of-the-art (security related) transparency helps assist with HIPAA, NIST-800, and PCI compliance concerns. The reporting engine helps inform us as to where customers stand against industry regulations.

Simplified Client Experience

Clients do not have to fret over learning or launching a cumbersome SIEM security solution. AVAREN uses the same SIEM/SOC combo at most every client, which means our technicians are already familiar with the implementation and support of this advanced security solution.

The Advantages of a Combined SIEM/SOC Solution


A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system is often a vital part of an organization’s plan for advanced IT Security. A SIEM solution is often considered a “best practice” within security bulletins from industry groups and security experts. The absence of a SIEM solution is noted often within breach investigation reports as a contributing factor in the late discovery of security breaches. It is safe to conclude that attackers will be successful more often with “soft targets” where IT staff do not review security logs. As a result of all this, regulatory compliance standards such as NIST, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc. require SIEM solutions be implemented and monitored.

Organizations of all sizes struggle to assign appropriately trained staff to watch the alerts generated by a SIEM solution. Implementing but not monitoring a security system can be the “Achilles heel” of any security plan. It is often said that, “a security plan is something you do, not something you buy.” Since many organizations lack the staff necessary to adequately monitor the critical alerts generated by devices attached to the SIEM system; it makes sense to utilize a vendor to serve as their Security Operations Center (SOC).

Until recently implementing a SIEM solution meant purchasing and managing additional in-house servers, storage, and software packages. Now, AVAREN can tie an organization’s (compatible) servers, PCs, switches and firewalls into a cloud based SIEM solution. Once the appropriate data feeds are being sent to the cloud based SIEM, security related events can be interpreted by appropriately trained staff. Tying as many devices as possible into the SIEM solution provides SOC staff transparency into security status of the entire network. This concurrent multi-sensor model greatly enhances potential for early detection of potential breaches and mal-ware.

SIEM monitoring is becoming a core security technology in the modern IT Enterprise. Cloud based deployment models are likely to continue to increase in adoption. In contrast with traditional in-house hardware-based solutions that require significant upfront capital expenditures, AVAREN’s SIEM/SOC combination is easy to implement as well as scale up and down.

Combining SIEM & SOC into a single solution makes advanced network security easy for small business.

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